Pre-payment terms

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the making of a booking through the website (hereafter called the Website) at a restaurant that requires pre-payment prior to visit (here after called the restaurant).

In the following text, “we”, “us” or “DinnerBooking” will be used to describe DinnerBooking ApS, while “you” refers to the customer making the booking.

The website is run by DinnerBooking as part of the package of DinnerBooking’s systems for the restaurant. The terms and conditions must be accepted in order to make a booking. The use of our website is also governed by our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. You have agreed to the terms and conditions separately by using our website and the commencing of the booking process.

Only people over 18 years of age with a debit or credit card in their own name, can make a booking. When making a booking, you declare that you are at least 18 years old.


DinnerBooking acts only as an intermediary between yourself and the restaurant. In other words DinnerBooking cannot be held responsible for any matters related to the restaurant’s performance (e.g. quality of food or service), premises and conditions at the restaurant in general, changes in menu or prices or the restaurant’s closure/bankruptcy.

Also, DinnerBooking cannot be held responsible if your booking is incorrectly registered at the restaurant or that the restaurant refuses to serve you.


You must have a DinnerBooking user profile and be logged in, in order to make a booking. All correspondence is sent to the email address you have entered in your user profile. Depending on the restaurant setup, you will have to make the pre-payment either during or after the online booking but always before the time of the reservation.

If the prepayment is during the online booking you will be asked to pay directly in the online booking in order to complete the online booking. You will be transferred to a secure connection, where you can deposit your payment on an account. Here you can also see terms of payment. After the payment is made, the online booking is concluded. When your booking is registered, you will receive a booking confirmation via email which will indicate when then booking has been made for.

If the prepayment is after the online booking you will receive an email where you have to confirm your booking with a prepayment. The amount of money and how long in advance you will be required to pay will depend on the individual restaurant setup. The prepayment will be made via the link “confirm your booking” which is sent to you in an email. You will then be transferred to a secure connection where you can deposit your payment on an account, and see terms of payment. You need to have created an user profile on and be logged in, in order to reconfirm and pre-pay your booking. If you do not make the prepayment after receiving the email with the payment link and before the deadline, the restaurant can choose to cancel your booking.

Once the approved payment has been registered, you will receive a payment receipt via email. This receipt includes your booking confirmation and provides the necessary information for your prepayment documentation. All correspondence goes through the email address you have indicated in your user profile. It may take some time before the advance payment is received and thus visible to the restaurant.

By approving the payment you enter into a legally binding agreement with the restaurant that you and the specified number of companions will visit the restaurant at the time booked. You cannot withdraw from this agreement at any point hereafter. Your pre-payment will only represent a portion of the due amount at the time of your visit. The restaurant will require payment of the difference between the advance payment and the total amount due on your final bill. If you subsequently cancel the booking or if you and/or your companions do not show up, you lose the amount. It will not be refunded. Similarly, in the abovementioned mentioned case, the difference will not be reimbursed if you arrive with fewer guests than you had originally made a booking for. In the meantime if the restaurant goes into insolvent or liquidation, you may also lose the deposit and the possibility to seek reimbursement from your credit card provider. The advanced payment is required in order to give the restaurant assurance that you will show up. Restaurants have a limited number of seats and no shows for reservations have a huge impact on the restaurants revenue.


We do not keep a copy of the agreement after its completion, meaning that it won’t be available to you afterwards. We therefore urge you to store a copy of the receipt for future reference. You will, however, under your user profile on our website see the bookings that you made and which you have reconfirmed.


DinnerBooking charges an order handling fee for the implementation of the prepayment. The handling fee appears by payment and is added the amount you have to pay in advance.

Payment must be made online using debit card, MasterCard or Visa. The payment is charged in the currency that shows in the system depending on the restaurant location. A transaction fee might be added in some countries depending on local credit card regulations. A management fee will also be added depending on the particular restaurant and order. The total price you have to pay including fees is calculated and stated before the completion of the purchase.

Payment information must be entered when ordering. Payment is made immediately. The amount withdrawn will never be greater than what you have accepted at the time of purchase.

All the communication data during the purchase including customer data, order data and payment data take place via an encrypted SSL connection. This ensures that unauthorized people cannot see/read the data that are exchanged.

When SSL encryption is enabled a padlock will appear at the bottom of the window. This will happen in most browsers.

We do not keep or register your account information or payment details.


You have no right of cancellation once you have reconfirmed the booking at the making of the advance payment.

According to the Consumer Contracts a regular 14 days right of withdrawal in connection with distance selling does not apply to services related to leisure activities when the agreement states on which date or within which certain period of time the service in mention must be executed.

This means when you receive your payment receipt, you cannot withdraw from the agreement to visit the restaurant and get the deposit amount refunded.


If you have any complaints about errors relating to DinnerBooking’s performance, for example if you have not received what you ordered or if what you have got is wrong please contact us immediately after you have discovered the error.

Complaints may be sent to us at the following address:

DinnerBooking ApS
Lyongade 21, 1.
2300 Copenhagen S
or by email at:
or by phone at:  +45 32555048

If you have complaints about the event, please contact the organizer directly. DinnerBooking is not held accountable for it.


If DinnerBooking disapproves your appeal or we cannot find a satisfactory solution to the complaint you have made in connection to your purchase or other matters, you can appeal to the Consumer Complaints Board if the conditions for this are met. It costs € 21 to complain to the Consumer Complaints Board. This amount is refundable if the court sustains your claim. The further terms and conditions of the complaint and the procedure can be seen at Complaints can be submitted online at


In order to complete your booking it is necessary to register certain personal information about yourself. As part of the required shared information your name and contact information will be disclosed/shared to the restaurant where the booking is taking place. You agree, however, that we can use the information supplied to us by you, in an anonymized form for statistical purposes.

In connection with the booking other personal data associated with your user profile can be recorded and processed. The handling of personal data in such instance, is a result of the rules of our Privacy Policy and to which you have agreed to when creating your user profile.


You have the possibility to contact our Customer Service team at.

Tel.: +45 32555048 Email:

The opening hours for Customer Service are: 9 am – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

You will always get professional consulting and clarify any questions you may have

DinnerBooking’s full business name, physical address and other contact information is:

DinnerBooking ApS
Lyongade 21, 1.
2300 Copenhagen S
VAT: DK29008450
Tel.: +45 32555048