Guidelines for guest feedback via DinnerBooking

Our guest feedback aims to provide the restaurant with an honest and transparent description of your dining experience. Your review must be written in a constructive, pleasant tone, so both the restaurant and other guests can benefit from reading it. 

The following guidelines apply to our guest reviews. We don’t accept content that:  

  • contravenes Danish law (e.g., insulting or racist content) 
  • is condescending, has the character of harassment (e.g., mentions a person’s name) or is aimed to attack an individual.  
  • discloses personal information 
  • is used solely with the purpose sharing of political agendas or has commercial purposes, etc. 
  • is violent, pornographic, offensive or discriminatory 

If these current guidelines are not complied with, the review will be deleted. 

If you wish to complain about a review that has been removed, you’re welcome to reach out to us at 

Then we will elaborate on the reason for the deletion.  

How do I rate a restaurant?  
When you book a table via DinnerBooking, you’ll receive a questionnaire via email after each restaurant visit. Here you get the opportunity to evaluate your experience based on food, service, atmosphere, overall impression and value for the money. This means that you can only rate a restaurant you’ve visited.